About the course

Globally, the legal service industry has reached a pivotal point – legal professionals must adapt to digital transformation and meet the expectations of clients or hedge their bets in a landscape characterized by disruption. The legal industry has been slow to adapt digital solutions – and even slower adapting to the changing needs of clients, who often find themselves managing their own legal matters as a result of the high cost of full representation.

The Certified Legal Coach recorded and on-demand short course sets you on a path for innovation. Designed by Stark Solutions Legal Coaching & Consulting, this industry-specific course exposes you to the evolving nature of the legal services industry and takes about 9 hours to complete. In this program, you will learn how to identify your target market and understand how to drive change to deliver superior, client-centric legal services. Some legal coaches use this to launch their own solo business, and others use this as a new services to offer within an existing law practice – both paralegals and lawyers benefiting from the comprehensive information shared in this program!

Why Legal Coaching?

Community Legal Education of Ontario stated that access to justice exists when people can pursue their goals and address their law-related problems in ways that are consistent with fair legal standards and process; and can obtain, understand and act on information and services related to the law where necessary, to achieve just outcomes.

Research has shown that millions of people experience a serious everyday legal issue in any given three year period; yet anywhere from 60 – 80% of those appearing in courts are self-represented, due to the cost of legal representation. Many of these people are unable to qualify for legal aid or pro-bono services, so they must proceed without any assistance. Most report that the information and services available online is unhelpful – and therefore they are unable to understand and act upon it. This is unacceptable.

Legal coaching is an innovative practice model that is a type of limited legal service. It involves a trained legal professional working in partnership with a client to provide guidance and mentorship on tools and strategies needed for the client to manage their own legal issue. It involves an ongoing relationship for the duration of the client’s matter, rather than providing discrete assistance at limited intervals; and it involves the client performing the work with the guidance and support of the legal coach. In this course, you will explore the intersection of law and technology, while developing new skills to deliver affordable legal coaching services to clients.

What you’ll learn

The recorded on-demand program takes approximately 9 hours to complete on your own time. Participants are provided with downloadable resources which contain exercises to be completed during the sessions. The program also includes bonus self-care modules as a reminder to legal professionals of the importance of maintaining good health!  Upon completion, contact the Legal Coaches Association to confirm you have met the requirements to be certified as a legal coach and receive membership in the association (first year free of charge).

  • Module 1: Introductory Remarks
  • Module 2: Access to Justice
  • Module 3: Self-Represented Litigants
  • Module 4: Positive Psychology
  • Module 5: Coaching Tools
  • Module 6: Setting Up A Coaching Practice
  • Module 7: Mitigating Risks

How you’ll learn

The course is broken down into manageable modules designed to accelerate your learning process:

  • Work through the instructional material and recorded sessions
  • Complete exercises through downloadable resources
  • Apply what you learn to your practice to improve service delivery

About the certificate

Get recognized for your knowledge when you earn the Certified Legal Coach certification upon completion. Those holding the CLC designation have been qualified as having a legal education, at least three years’ experience helping legal clients in an area of law and completion of this CLC course. Assessment is based on meeting all of the qualifications and completion of the CLC training. 

Your Certification Mark will be issued and delivered to you upon successful completion of this course, and by maintaining your requirements, including membership in the Legal Coaches Association. Your first year of membership is complimentary. Reach out to us with any questions you may have as to the qualifications needed.

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Transform the way that you deliver legal services. Understand the forces driving change and how you can implement innovation and technology to improve your legal service delivery.

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$750 CAD + applicable taxes

[includes 9 hours of recorded training modules, downloadable resources, certification and first year membership in Legal Coaches Association]

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