At Legal Coaches Association, we understand

At Legal Coaches Association, we understand that many people are looking for an alternative to full service representation of a lawyer. Traditionally, lawyers will appear in court, draft documents, negotiate and manage the entire legal matter on behalf of the client. Often times, the cost of this service is unpredictable at best, and the process leaves many clients feeling that they have little control. In fact, statistics show that most middle-class people are simply no longer able to afford a lawyer to represent them on a significant legal matter, forcing many to represent themselves.

We believe that self-represented litigants who are forced to manage their own legal matters are entitled to obtain support and direction in navigating the complex legal justice system, on a regular basis and for a pre-established budget. Legal coaching is a relatively new innovation, one that combines the use of positive psychology with qualified legal support and expertise. As legal professionals, our goal at the Legal Coaches Association is to ensure that legal coaches have met a minimum legal education requirement and have provided legal services in a particular area of law for at least three years. In addition, members who have taken the Certified Legal Coach training program will have the skills and ability to actively coach and support you as you manage your legal matters.

Most legal coaches will provide support to clients virtually (through telephone, email and/or videoconferencing) and for a set budget at regularly scheduled sessions, to keep the process on track and assist you with any obstacles that come your way during the legal process. The purpose of legal coaching is to help you define your goals so that you can successfully achieve the outcome you desire. Although there are no guarantees in the justice system, having a legal coach partner with you ensures that your objectives are reasonable and on track. Having a Certified Legal Coach is the next best thing to having a lawyer represent you – giving you the confidence and skills you need to represent yourself.

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We are currently in the process of training new Certified Legal Coaches* – it is important to us that our members meet our stringent education and experience requirements. Stay tuned for more updates as training is completed and our legal coaches are certified and ready to provide quality legal services.

* application pending


* application pending



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