At Legal Coaches Association, we believe there is a better way

At Legal Coaches Association, we believe it is time for change. Most people can no longer afford traditional lawyers offering full-service representation. Legal coaching is an effective and efficient method of offering legal services in a meaningful way to self-represented litigants.  Contact us for more information on how to qualify for membership and be on the path to becoming a Certified Legal Coach*.  We also offer Associate memberships to those interested in legal coaching, but do not intend to pursue the Certified Legal Coach status, as well as charity/non-profit organizations who promote access to justice.
* application pending

The Legal Coaches Association is proud to have the following associate memberships – like-minded organizations that strive to improve access to justice:

STARK SOLUTIONS Legal Coaching & Consulting

At Legal Coaches Association, we pride ourselves in having high professional standards.  Our primary membership program is designed for legal professions who have completed a formal legal education and have at least three years’ experience providing legal services in an area of law. Members who have achieved this minimum level will be eligible to apply for the Certified Legal Coaches* designation, by taking a 9-hour training program. These training sessions are now offered in a convenient recorded on-demand format – download the full brochure and find the links to enroll under our Professional Development tab under CLC on this website.

For those who have already successfully completed a program accredited by the International Coaching Federation(ICF) or Certified Coaches Federation (CCF), you can apply to “fast-track” your way to becoming a Certified Legal Coach*. Please contact us for more information!

We also offer Associate memberships to those not certified as legal coaches and to charities and non-profit organizations who promote access to justice.
* application pending

We pride ourselves in offering the most focussed training available for legal professionals.  More of what you do need for practicing your new skills, and less of what you don’t!  Contact us today to find out more about our program and the benefits of joining the Legal Coaches Association.

Legal Coaches Association is the only non-profit association of its kind in existence. We believe that by creating a forum for legal coaches, we can change the way legal services are offered to the public. Our review process ensures that only those who meet our criteria will be granted the authority to use the designation of Certified Legal Coach*, and be registered on our lists of professionals offering legal coaching services to the public.
* application pending

As an association, members can rely on others for information and advice on best practices, marketing tips, business consulting to establish a truly innovative practice with low overhead using technology, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are truly capable of coaching a client in a way that empowers them to resolve their own legal matters. This type of practice is associated with very high levels of job satisfaction and reduced stress, as compared with traditional full-service legal practice.


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