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The LCA is first organization to offer Certified Legal Coach (CLC) training in North America since 2020 – training that is specifically designed by lawyers who are certified as coach practitioners, to teach legal professionals how to coach and support self-represented clients.  Helping your client to manage their own legal affairs requires a very different set of skills from the advisory and advocacy role you have as a full-service lawyer. At LCA, we know and understand that simply calling yourself a “legal coach” does not provide assurance that a person has the techniques unique to coaching that empower and enable a client to do their own legal work.

The Certified Legal Coach* (CLC) training program is a 9-hour on-demand recorded series designed for legal professionals (lawyers & paralegals); the program may also qualify for CPD/CLE requirements within your jurisdiction. This focussed training program gives you more of what you need to be a legal coach, and less of what you don’t – because it is designed by lawyers, for legal professionals.  Check out the full brochure and information under Professional Development/CLC Certified Legal Coach Training on this website for more details, and take a look at the feedback below, from past participants!
* application pending


The association has education, experience and training requirements which ensures that each member is equipped to provide competent direction to self-represented litigants, before being authorized to use the “Certified Legal Coaches*” designation. We provide the use of a certification mark once the member qualifies – having demonstrated proof of a formal legal education, at least three years of experience providing legal services and completion of the legal coach training program (or equivalent ICF approved coaching program).

Once a member, you will gain access to opportunities to be involved in promoting legal coaching as a new legal service, have a collective voice to regulators in your jurisdiction and ensure that the quality and competency of legal coaching is maintained at the highest standards. Members can have their services and profiles listed on the LCA website and other social media sponsored by LCA, which will promote legal coaching at events to create public awareness.  Information will be shared by members to develop best practices, ongoing education programs, agreements and articles on legal coaching.
* application pending


Lawyers have some of the highest rates of depression and addiction of any professional. Many legal professionals find that they have become a slave to the billable hour –  and endless days and evenings in the office.  At Legal Coaches Association, we provide support and guidance in making changes to your practice so that you can truly take back your life – and do law differently!  As a legal coach, your client maintains control and responsibility over their legal matters, and you work behind the scenes offering the guidance and support as a legal coach.  No more heavy court schedules, last minute drafting and serving, or responding to opposing counsel: your role as a coach allows you to step back and provide competent direction to the client, who will be empowered to take control over their legal proceedings.

There is an ability to work from anywhere using a virtual office to coach clients – providing legal coaches the opportunity to enjoy true work/life balance at last!

Our organization has doubled in size each year since its creation in 2019, with members from across North America and beyond – and the demand for legal coaching to assist clients as they manage their own legal matters is greater than ever. Now is the time to bridge the gap between AI/online services and the personal guidance that clients need to be successful in resolving their legal issues!


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